Divestment of Company (Italy)

Project Management: Develop prospects and the Divestment of a company in Italy

Based on a revised corporate strategy, it was decided to divest a company in Italy that produces hard-alloyed aluminium extrusionsIMG_0149

The company – with over 120 employees – was separated from the existing holding structure, sales prospects were produced and the company was prepared for due diligence. The market for potential buyers was screened and the selected potential candidates were shortlisted and contacted.

In cooperation with local legal partners, a contract was drafted and negotiated with the selected buyer. A practical transition service agreement was developed and agreed securing continued operation in the interim periode of changing ownership.

The project was delivered on schedule, within the agreed financial framework and resulted in both the seller and the buyer’s expectations were met at satisfactory manner – the divestment was succesful without any loss of jobs or goodwill.