International experience, a strategic mindset and down-to-earth execution

Initially, being educated and qualified and as a marine engineer and subsequencely serving as an officer in the merchant navy – followed by an international career in senior management – is perhaps still reflected in the way I generally relate to operations and business development in a company.

Meaning, it need not be that complicated !

That is in fact the hands-on approach I use today working as a co-pilot, assisting managers, directors or owners of a small or medium-sized business.

Serving as a board member or a co-pilot, I can assist with:

Per Lyngaa 02 - © Jonas Fotografi

  • turnarounds
  • optimization
  • growth management
  • organizational development
  • recruitement
  • transfer of ownership
  • mergers & acquisitions


Utilize my experience working in an international environment

I can bring a different perspective. My international experience from large multinational corporations – combined with a practical approach – can easily be scaled in order to create true value in different sizes and types of businesses.

You can explore my credentials and see my full resume on LinkedIn (link), but – in short – prior to starting my own business, I served as an executive director for a multinational group with 100 production sites in more than 40 countries and 23.000 employees. I had among others the responsible for strategy and business development.

Since graduating as a marine engineer, I have continuously followed up with re-education – latest at INSEAD.

I communicate fluently in English and the Scandinavian languages and I am proficient in German and Dutch/Flemish, and I enjoy working internationally with management, supporting sales and marketing and international recruitment.